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  • Fan Group Name – We have a winner !! - Tons of fans responded and with 68% of the vote, we’ll now refer to fans of ‘DISENCHANTED!’ as THE PRINCESS POSSE (or THE POSSE)! POSSE: Your friends, your peeps, the group you hang out with that got your back and make you powerful. Yes! Thanks to all who voted! Princess Posse unite! And make sure […]
  • NAME THE ‘DISENCHANTED!’ FAN GROUP - For 5 years now the princesses have amassed a posse of followers around the world – and we are forever grateful for your continued love and support! And now it’s time to bestow an awesome name on y’all! ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ has the ‘Jekkies,’ ‘Avenue Q’ has the ‘Q-mmunity,’ ‘Heathers, The Musical’ has the ‘Corn […]



This show contains Mature Content and is rated PG-13.

For questions about the show’s content, please email info@DISENCHANTEDmusical.com

DISENCHANTED! is on the road to Off-Broadway, NYC. 2014

Producers: Don Frantz, Jonathan Pollard, David Smith/Randy Klein, Musical Theater China

For more information: Don Frantz @ Don@TownSquareProd.com 212-997-7284