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  • NAME THE ‘DISENCHANTED!’ FAN GROUP - For 5 years now the princesses have amassed a posse of followers around the world – and we are forever grateful for your continued love and support! And now it’s time to bestow an awesome name on y’all! ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ has the ‘Jekkies,’ ‘Avenue Q’ has the ‘Q-mmunity,’ ‘Heathers, The Musical’ has the ‘Corn […]
  • OFF BROADWAY: New York City - OFF BROADWAY: New York City announcements being made this month! The dates! The cast! The tickets! The theater! What subway stop will take you to ‘DISENCHANTED!’ Off Broadway this year?   We’re waiting for the ‘go ahead’ and then all the information will be released! EXCITING TIMES AHEAD as the princesses take Manhattan!  



This show contains Mature Content and is rated PG-13.

For questions about the show’s content, please email info@DISENCHANTEDmusical.com

DISENCHANTED! is on the road to Off-Broadway, NYC. 2014

Producers: Don Frantz, Jonathan Pollard, David Smith/Randy Klein, Musical Theater China

For more information: Don Frantz @ Don@TownSquareProd.com 212-997-7284